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If you going through an Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Infidelity divorce case and are trying to get custody of your child in Charleston, SC, you should know that the family court’s decision rests on what is in the “best interest of the child.” In determining who should have custody or whether the parents should share joint custody, the family court carefully scrutinizes each parent’s behaviors both before and after separation. Essentially, if you are seeking custody in South Carolina of your child or children, you must convince the family court of your strengths as a parent and, in some cases, the other parent’s weaknesses.

Parenting Strengths – Here are some of the factors the family court considers to be strengths regarding your parenting abilities:

• Primary Caregiver – The family court will consider which parent has traditionally been the primary caregiver to the children.

• Good Parenting Skills – Good parenting skills include consistency and fairness in discipline, teaching independence, establishing family routines such as meals and study times, setting good examples, teaching respect for other adults and authority, stressing the importance of education, showing affection, being involved with school and extracurricular activities, planning good nutrition, reading together, providing regular medical and dental care, and other skills.

•Financial Resources – Greater financial ability to provide for the children can be a very important factor considered by the family court.

• Religious Training – The family court may consider which parent supports and fosters a religious upbringing for the children.

• Parents’ Time for the Children – The family court oftentimes considers which parent will have more time available to spend with the children.

• Stable Home Environment – The family court will consider which parent provides a more stable and consistent home environment.

• Extended Family – The family court may look with favor upon the availability of relatives to help care for the children unless it appears that the involvement of relatives is too much.

Parenting Weaknesses – Here are some of the factors the family court considers to be weaknesses regarding your parenting abilities:

• Parent’s Unfitness – Some of the specific things that tend to show unfitness are drug and alcohol abuse; emotional and mental instability; and immoral conduct such as exposing the children to an adulterous relationship.

• Parental Alienation – The family court will consider whether a parent is making attempts to damage the children’s relationships with the other parent. Such attempts typically include making negative comments to the children about the parent and interfering with the children’s ability to communicate with and to spend time with the other parent.

• Domestic Violence – Under the South Carolina law, a family court judge must consider evidence of domestic violence in deciding which parent should have custody.

Our Charleston, SC Private Investigators will work with you and your Family Law Attorney to get the evidence you need to prove your case in Charleston Family Court. We can document evidence with Surveillance Video, Police Reports, and Witness Interviews.

The above is not to be considered legal advice. Please consult with an attorney for all legal questions.

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