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While every marriage has its ups and downs, learning that your spouse has been unfaithful can be the final blow to a relationship. Marriages are based on a foundation of trust, and once that trust has been violated, it may never be quite the same again.
Forgive a Cheating Spouse?
If you know your spouse has committed Adultery, the hardest decision often is whether to forgive them or not. Infidelity in a marriage has not only personal and moral consequences, but also legal implications. Marriage is a contract between two adults, and each one has a significant investment to consider. If you make the decision to forgive your spouse and continue with the marriage, you are in effect agreeing to continue the contract. While this is an intensely personal decision, you should also consider the legal and financial ramifications should you decide you cannot continue.

If choosing to continue the marriage is your ultimate decision, it makes sense to take stock of your financial situation as well as your emotional one. Make sure that you have equal access to bank accounts, retirement accounts, and any other financial assets. Having this information doesn’t mean you do not trust your spouse; rather it is simply a common sense step that may save you worry and stress in the future.

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