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Insurance Fraud: a big and growing problem


From fake car crashes to bogus medical bills, South Carolina leaders say insurance fraud is a growing problem in the state.

Attorney General Alan Wilson said in a recent speech that South Carolina is 7th in the country for the number of staged car accidents. “Yet we’re dead last — we’re dead last — in the resources that we put there,” he added.

Here’s why you should care: It affects your premiums.

Insurance fraud costs Americans billions of dollars each year. Not only does fraud cause higher insurance rates, but it also raises taxes and inflates prices for consumer goods. With financial strains, even law-abiding citizens are tempted to commit insurance fraud.

Ask any claims investigator or personal injury attorney in the Charleston, S.C., area and they will tell you that their workload is increasing. More people are making insurance claims then ever before, looking for that fast cash settlement. For example:

  • The “slip and fall” case where the person is not injured but files an injury claim anyway.
  • The non-injury “fender bender” accident that is thought of as a blank check by some claimants.

Let us be your eyes and ears

With 20 years of experience in assisting insurance companies in the Charleston area, we provide the insurance industry with critical field support for evaluating insurance claims:

  • We locate witnesses quickly using many databases and resources not available to the public. Our turnaround time is fast.
  • We obtain written or recorded statements, providing a foundation for litigation.
  • When there is doubt about claimants’ credibility, we will investigate and document their activities using video. Many times this evidence can be used to negotiate a settlement in the client’s favor before the trial even starts.
  • We can perform a Social Media background investigation, because sometimes the claimant proves your case all by themselves.
  • In the event a claim ends up in a civil trial, you will have our documentation in hand to support your case.

It is our job to help you determine the honesty of a claimant, and sometimes there is only one opportunity to get that statement or photo. We know how to make the most of that opportunity by asking the right questions at the right time.

Hire us when it’s time to know the truth.