GPS Services in Charleston

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Tracker Investigations, LLC often receives requests to place GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices on privately owned vehicles for a wide variety of reasons including Adultery/Cheating Spouse cases, child custody, and tracking youth’s activities.

Modern GPS devices can be useful for gathering information about where someone is, or for establishing a history of where they’ve been. It can be a very useful tool:

What GPS can do:

There are two types of GPS tracking systems, active systems and passive systems. An active system is one that provides real-time (or close to it) information via the internet regarding the whereabouts of the GPS unit. This system is ideal for following someone who might suspect they are under surveillance because you don’t have to be in sight. Our investigators use an active GPS system.

Passive systems do not provide real-time data. They are placed on the vehicle for a period of time; then the device is recovered and the data is downloaded from the unit. This system works great if you want general information about where the subject or the subject’s vehicle has been over a period of time. One application would be determining where someone has been going.

GPS Limitations:

GPS tracking is a wonderful tool, but that’s all it is. For example, a GPS tracker will tell you a vehicle’s location but if you need to know what the driver is actually doing and who he/she is meeting there, an experienced surveillance investigator needs to also be there to document the meeting with video.

That’s where Tracker Investigations, LLC comes in. We can provide the video or still photos, (or both) that can tell you exactly what information you were seeking to learn from a GPS tracker.

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