Trying to Locate someone?

Do you need to find a witness?

Lost contact with your insured or a claimant?

Need to locate a defendant?

Process server can’t find the individual you need served a subpoena?

If the success of your case depends on finding someone, let our experts do what we do best and find that person for you.

Some investigators are mass production “information brokers” whose services consist of merely running a data search and then giving you an address that may be five years old. We use databases that are unavailable to the public, investigative experience, and hard work to locate individuals. We then verify the information, ensuring that it is current.

Our turnaround time is fast. And, yes, we can locate Anywhere and Everywhere in the United States.

Note: Locate services are not offered to the general public unless you have an active court case.

Hire us when it’s time to know the truth.

PI Charleston