Charleston Private Investigator

If you find yourself in need of a private investigator, it pays to take your time in selecting the one that you will use. There are many people out there who represent themselves as experienced investigators when they actually have little or no experience.

Before hiring a private investigator, find out what type of experience they have. Ideally, the investigators in the firm you choose will have law enforcement, insurance claims experience, or a combination of both. In addition, the firm should possess the professional video and audio equipment needed to accurately document all aspects of the investigation. If the results of your investigation need to be used in a court of law, it’s important that they be both accurate and complete.

Finally, make sure you understand the costs up front. Ask whether the price you are quoted includes copies of all documentation, and make sure that you understand what the price will be if multiple investigators are required.

A professional, ethical private investigation firm will have no problem answering any of these questions and providing the assurance you need that your investigation will be handled correctly.

Tracker Investigations, LLC, covers Charleston, SC, including Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant. We handle all types of surveillance cases and specialize in Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Infidelity Investigations.