Charleston Private Investigator

When hiring a private investigator, the key to finding the right person for the job lies in asking the right questions. Before you commit to an investigator or firm, consider asking some of these questions to help you make the right choice:

  • Who will handle my investigation?
    If you are dealing with an investigative firm, it’s helpful to know if the person you are speaking with is actually going to perform the work, or if they will delegate it to someone else.
  • What kind of evidence can I expect to receive?
    Will the firm provide you with written reports, audio/video, photographs, etc. Also consider the reason for the investigation and whether or not you will need this evidence in court.
  • Exactly what services are billable?
    Make sure you understand exactly what the billing rate is and what it covers. Normal billing generally consists of things such as mileage, photo development or editing, and court appearances.

Don’t worry about asking too many questions. It’s important that you understand exactly how the investigation will be handled, and, if you’re dealing with a professional investigator, they will not mind answering all of your questions.

Tracker Investigations, LLC, covers Charleston, SC, including Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant. We handle all types of surveillance cases and specialize in Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Infidelity Investigations.