The Ten Most Common Types of Fraud

By Tracker Investigations | October 17, 2016

The 10 Most Common Types of Fraud We Investigate What is Fraud? Fraud (pronounced frôd) is “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in a financial or personal gain.”   Ten Most Common Types of Fraud Insurance Claim Fraud Staged accidents and fraudulent claims cost Canadian insurance companies millions of dollars a year from billing…

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Five Ways To Tell If My Husband Or Wife Is Having An Affair

By Tracker Investigations | July 6, 2016

How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Cheating? PI Charleston Surveys have shown that the majority of people are faithful in relationships. When it happens, sexual betrayal can be the most agonizing trauma for anyone to endure. Even if you’re not married, there is an unwritten agreement in all but the most casual of…

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Cheating Spouse-Adultery Investigations in Charleston, SC. Can Adultery affect Alimony?

By Tracker Investigations | May 23, 2016

How Does Adultery Impact Alimony in Charleston? PI Charleston A spouse who commits adultery in South Carolina isn’t eligible to receive alimony. The only exception is if the faithful spouse condoned the adultery, meaning knew about and allowed the affair. Compared to other states, South Carolina is very strict about preventing an unfaithful spouse from…

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GPS Tracking for Adultery-Cheating Spouse Investigations

By Tracker Investigations | January 17, 2016

GPS Tracking in Charleston, SC Tracker Investigations, LLC often receives requests to place GPS tracking devices (Global Positioning System) on privately owned vehicles for a wide variety of reasons including; Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Infidelity Cases, child custody, and for concerned parents who want to know their child’s activities. Modern GPS devices can be useful for gathering information…

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Adultery and the Cheating Spouse in Charleston, SC. What do you tell the children?

By Tracker Investigations | November 1, 2015

Adultery Private Investigator in Charleston, SC If you’ve discovered your spouse has Cheated on you and committed Adultery, it’s likely that no one else in your circle of friends knows. No one knows for sure how often affairs happen, but statistics suggest they may affect 40 percent or more of all marriages. Despite its prevalence,…

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Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Divorce and Child Custody. Do I need to hire a Private Investigator for help?

By Tracker Investigations | October 25, 2015

Charleston, SC Private Investigator If you going through an Adultery-Cheating Spouse-Infidelity divorce case and are trying to get custody of your child in Charleston, SC, you should know that the family court’s decision rests on what is in the “best interest of the child.” In determining who should have custody or whether the parents should…

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